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StrikeIron Introduces Next Generation Email Verification

Posted by Kathy Jameson on Thu, May 16, 2013

StrikeIron has released Email Verification 6, the next generation of its award-winning technology and the most accurate email verification solution in the market.

Building upon the past decade of experience, StrikeIron has developed an innovative solution that provides immediate value by boosting email performance. Improved accuracy and increased email deliverability. This means enhanced marketing campaigns and more effective customer relationship management for your organization.

Like other StrikeIron solutions, Email Verification 6 is cloud-based technology. It works in real-time and does not rely upon database lookups as a reference, as these reference files can become quickly outdated. It instead goes through a four-step real-time process using web resources to validate email addresses for the most accurate, current results.  This includes validation at the recipient level, as well as several quality checks to ensure correct status codes are returned. 

This next version of email verification contains a set of proprietary algorithms that further enhance the accuracy and scalability of email verification across both consumer- and business-oriented domain addresses. In addition to enhanced accuracy, new capabilities include email address correction, detection of disposable and role accounts, and identification of malicious elements like traps.

The end-result is an even more powerful solution that transforms any email list into a valuable marketing asset, as well as helping to avoid blacklists and spam folders, inclusion which would be harmful to future marketing communications

From enterprises to SMB's, organizations of all sizes can choose real-time, batch or a combination approach, utilizing email verification to improve email campaign performance with better deliverability.

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