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StrikeIron and Marketo Integration Shows Versatility of Both Platforms

Posted by Bob Brauer on Tue, May 14, 2013

Marketo over the past couple of years has emerged as one of the top "lead management" platforms in the industry. Most recently, Gartner has them in the top right of their Magic Quadrant for CRM Lead Management (along with Eloqua, now owned by Oracle). Marketo's Revenue Performance and Marketing Automation platform helps marketers manage multiple digital channels, including email, social, online events and mobile. It is a key component of strategies that develop leads and opportunities for sales teams.

As with most data-centric solutions, Marketo's platform is significantly enhanced by ensuring all of the contact data for customers and prospects at its core is correct, current, and comprehensive. At a high level, this significantly enhances the ROI that Marketo customers attain from its platform, and reduces missed opportunities due to inaccurate lead data.

At a more granular level, Address Verification, Phone Number Validation, and especially Real-Time Email Validation can critically improve Marketing Automation efforts. Email validation ensures email addresses, especially when the opt-ins may have been awhile ago, are active and receiving email. This is a critical part of professional lead management efforts. If invalid email addresses existing in a customer or prospect database are not withdrawn, a large number of bounced emails will cause an organization to fall out of favor with ISPs and very likely end up on various spam lists, causing all marketing communications to arrive in spam folders.

Since Marketo was a natural for StrikeIron's capabilities, customers of ours suggested integrating the two platforms to enhance the value and experience of using Marketo. We jumped at the opportunity!

Late in 2012, Marketo introduced their innovative "Webhooks" capability for integrating third party applications via XML-based interfaces. Using their "trigger" functionality (such as "new lead created" or "Web from filled out"), a call-out to a third-party API can be achieved as part of any Marketo process. The resultant response data can then be mapped into the Marketo system and become a part of individual lead record data. In the case of StrikeIron, this includes validated mailing addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, as well as additional enhancement data that are also returned by the StrikeIron APIs.

Since all of StrikeIron's Cloud APIs have the same data structure, behavior, and open XML protocol formats (in this case, REST was used), it makes it easy to integrate all of our various API products into the Marketo platform. In other words, since both support standard, open platforms designed with integration in mind, the integration was significantly less difficult and deeper than with some other third-party platforms where we have integrated our customer data validaton solutions. In fact, the affinity between the two platforms was significant enough that we went ahead and integrated our SMS Text Messaging API into the Marketo platform as well, supporting Marketo's mobile efforts.

After successfully testing our various Webhook integrations, including with production customers, Marketo then provided StrikeIron with the Marketo-Integrated designation that you can see here:

We currently have several solutions now available pre-integrated within Marketo as part of Marketo's Launchpoint partner channel. If you search for "StrikeIron" here, you can see the various integrated solutions currently available.

The last thing anyone wants is a marketing automation platform that is relying on bad or otherwise incomplete data. This powerful, yet easy integration of two platforms ensures that won't be the case.


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