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Better Point-of-Sale (POS): Real-Time Email Verification in the Cloud

Posted by Bob Brauer on Wed, Apr 24, 2013

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are continuing to evolve. What was once only a "processing and recording of sales" mechanism (such as a cash register), POS implementation is now a considerable competitive advantage in a retailer's strategy. As a result, retailers are always looking to get more long-term ROI out of their POS systems. They are determining how this interaction opportunity with a customer can support other parts of a company's multichannel sales strategy as well.

The operation of these systems is rapidly moving from a counter-based cash register to the retailer's floor, as credit card processing hardware increasingly supports this model. Mobile handheld devices, tablets and other consumer devices performing the actual sales transaction are now commonplace within a store, no longer tying personnel to the cash register. As a result, customers are now often asked to enter their own information via the on-the-floor transaction device, and an email address now more than ever is part of the collected customer information. Primarily, this is because customers increasingly prefer more efficient and environment-friendly e-receipts. Better yet, collecting an email address can then provide an opportunity for future communications via email for the retailer, and can result in increased ongoing customer engagement.

The value of collecting an email address can be considerable. Email-oriented and Web-based marketing are outpacing traditional advertising and direct mail methods, and multi-channel sales strategies are as critical to success as ever. Even with retailers where traditional methods of POS still make the most sense via a cash register, collecting email addresses are equally important for customer retention success.

However, there are a couple of challenges to collecting this kind of customer data on the floor. First, data entry can sometimes be a little tougher with these mobile devices. If the customer enters their own data, which is now often the case, the chances of collecting incorrect or invalid email addresses either by accident or otherwise can go up considerably. Even if the email address is collected properly, 30-40% of people change their email address every year. Simple typos or not, these issues can not only prevent e-mail receipts from being delivered, but a large incidence of invalid emails being entered can result in future marketing communications going into spam folders if Internet Service Providers (ISPs) detect enough email bounces and failed deliveries coming from the same sending source.

Real-time email validation that utilize an instantaneous out-to-the-Cloud check to ensure email deliverability can substantially reduce typos and otherwise bad email addresses from getting into the system in the first place, right there on the floor at the point of data capture. Utilizing this kind of technology of email address validation can reduce email bounces and failures by 90% or more. It can be an effective tool in ensuring the highest possible levels of data integrity when capturing customer details.

StrikeIron's Email Verification Solution is cloud-based; allowing it to determine in real-time if an email address is valid and deliverable before sending a message. It is used in many production POS systems today to ensure as often as possible that correct email addresses are obtained when collecting customer information.

The cloud-based, real-time approach is an important one, as StrikeIron is constantly evolving its algorithms in the background without requiring customers to update their POS integration in any way. Our team of email verification experts is constantly tweaking, enhancing, and otherwise modifying the algorithms that make these real-time checks as accurate as possible on an ongoing basis without any effort from the customer leveraging the technology.

Email Verification is only one easy-to-integrate API product available from StrikeIron. Others include Phone Number Validation, Address Verification, Do Not Call List checking, SMS Text Messaging and several more. For more information, please contact

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