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StrikeIron Launches Newly-Redesigned Website

Posted by Christina Motley on Tue, Dec 18, 2012

Top-tier content, intuitive interface and simple navigation enhance user experience

StrikeIron’s redesigned website is live (

It has a new look, new navigation, new content and new product information.

“We designed the site with our end-users in mind, keeping a keen eye on intuitiveness and simplification,” says Justin Helmig, VP of Marketing (@jhelmig.) “We also wanted the site to reflect our award-winning brand and the enterprise company we have become over the past 10 years.”

Beyond aesthetics, the site is a major improvement in speed, User Experience (UX), and ease of use.

“Easy-to-use navigation and page organization streamlines the whole site,” says Kathy Jameson, Marketing Manager, who spearheaded the project. “The redesign also centers on providing top-tier content, education and guiding visitors to access information with greater ease.”

 Key features include:

  • EXPANDED RESOURCES  -  Give you quick access to thought-leadership white papers, webinars, best practices and more

  • SIMPLE NAVIGATION  - Optimizes your experience so  you can find exactly what you need  about our latest products, services, industries and customers

  • BETTER CONTENT ORGANIZATION – Fresh information at your fingertips helps you make smart, data-driven decisions based on current industry trends.

Visit StrikeIron's website today for a free product trial and to learn more about real-time, cloud computing data quality and communications web solutions. 

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