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StrikeIron Launches New 3-Step Email Verification Product

Posted by Christina Motley on Tue, Dec 11, 2012

StrikeIron releases ScrubHub, a new data quality web application, which allows businesses to verify up to 50,000 email addresses with 3 simple steps in less than 3 minutes for less than 3 cents per email. ScrubHub utilizes the same StrikeIron technology that hundreds of customers and big brands depend on today.  

Email is a valuable business asset and a critical part of any marketing mix. Ensuring email addresses are accurate allows businesses to get their message delivered to the right inbox and the right person. Verifying email addresses also reduces email bounces and delivery failures by 90%, as well as minimizes the risks of your email campaigns being flagged as spam. At the same time, email addresses constantly change. On average, 30% of email addresses change each year. Data cleansing increases the effectiveness of email marketing.

“Email remains a vital piece of contact information across all organizations, which is why StrikeIron created a real-time Email Verification API solution that allowed companies to easily integrate our award-winning proprietary technology that is proven to enhance email campaign accuracy and deliverability,” said Sean O’Leary, CEO of StrikeIron. “We’re excited to add further value to our customers by allowing them to consume our validation services through an easy-to-use web application that delivers a clear ROI.”

“ScrubHub fills a niche in the marketplace by making it easy and affordable for businesses that have 50,000 or fewer email addresses to determine if they are accurate, “says Justin Helmig, StrikeIron’s VP of Marketing. “We are excited to deliver another data quality solution to help businesses significantly improve their chances of reaching their prospects and customers.”

ScrubHub is as simple as it gets. Unlike other email verification tools, ScrubHub does not require a commitment, nor do you have to integrate an API. ScrubHub allows businesses to upload an email list over the Internet and delivers reliable results in 24-48 business hours.

You can get started with ScrubHub now by visiting: or learn more at

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