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StrikeIron and "Data-as-a-Service" at DataWeek 2012

Posted by Bob Brauer on Mon, Sep 24, 2012

DataWeek 2012 is a conference happening this week in San Francisco. The theme of the conference is a focus on the data revolution that is occurring across businesses. This includes the growth of data-related technologies such as "big data", "data as a service", and the Cloud and how they are creating paradigm changes in product engineering, marketing, and customer relationships. Areas discussed will be how "data science", "data analytics", "open data initiatives", and data platforms will be useful in 2013 and beyond as organizations more and more recognize data as a strategic asset and a critical driver for business growth.

As businesses become more and more data-driven, to compete they will have to become more adept at understanding their customers and customer behavior, product usage patterns, and opportunities and risks that may not be so apparent until operational, customer and other data within the enterprise is leveraged to illuminate what is really happening within our businesses. This can provide the groundwork for insight and the strategic decision-making that follows that insight. In other words, "how does data drive the business forward?"

StrikeIron's CTO Bob Brauer will be moderating a panel on "Making Data Products with Data-as-a-Service", where we will delve into what makes a successful data product, win-win business models, how high quality data is at the core of any data driven initiative, and what the future holds for data-as-a-service products. Tom Carlock from D&B, Stephane Dubois from Xignite, and Brian Wilcove from Sofinnova Ventures will also be on the panel.

Come join us for the session, Tuesday, September 25th at noon PDT at the DataWeek event.



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