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Facebook Email and Phone Number Ad Targeting

Posted by Justin Helmig on Sat, Sep 01, 2012

InsideFacebook reported Friday that Facebook will be introducting a new offering allowing advertisers to target ads based on their customers' email addresses or phone numbers. 


Facebook email and phone number targeting

This is a very interesting and granular offering. It effectively enables you to target your existing online and offline customer base directly, 1:1, on Facebook.

There are many very compelling use cases for the savvy marketer. For example, retailers can target customers based on past purchase behaviors; brands can create compelling, multi-touch, retargeting campaigns; and CPL advertising networks can effectively cross sell and even turn co-reg leads into more valuable offer specific leads. The possibilities are endless.

Of course, all of this is premised on having the correct phone number or email address associated with the target customers. Many people have multiple email addresses and phone numbers, and these can change frequently. This means the email or phone numbers in your lead database, if you have them at all, may or may not match the information in Facebook. 

One solution is StrikeIron's Phone solutions. Reverse Phone and Address Lookup appends phone numbers, even cellular numbers, to existing names or addresses. Additionally, Phone Append will append demographic information such as estimated income, and homeowner probability.

Facebook's new targeting is a step closer to 1:1 marketing where you can now target based on your current customer or prospect list. Append solutions from StrikeIron can help you enhance the ability to reach your audience audience.

How will you use 1:1 customer targeting options like Facebook's? 

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