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What is Your Visitor’s IP Address Telling You?

Posted by Justin Helmig on Tue, Jul 24, 2012

You have access to the IP address of every visitor to your site. IP address web services provide valuable insight on your visitors from this simple set of numbers. You can learn what company (or ISP) your visitors are from, their latitude / longitude, and even their country, state, and city.

IP addresses are the way Internet traffic is routed between a web browser and a website. When your visitors request a webpage, their IP address is sent as part of this request. There are many interesting things you can find out from the visitor’s IP address from a simple web service call.

Our customers use this information for a variety of use cases including:

-       Localized content. Based on the location of the IP address, you present the user with localized offers. For example, daily deal sites use IP address geocoding APIs to display the appropriate deal for the nearest, supported, metropolitan area.

-       Language localization. Based on the country, you can easily localize the language and dialect for a particular country or region. For example, content outlets can automatically provide the correct language for the visitor as opposed to adding an extra step for the user to choose their language.

-       Picking the best time for outreach. If you are reaching out to your customer through phone or email, it is useful to know their timezone so you can call during an appropriate time or send email messages at a time that will provide better open and click rates. An example of this is our sales team will not follow up with leads on the West Coast until late morning East Coast time.

-       Fraud Protection.  Linking an IP address location with a billing address provides an indicator of potentially fraudulent activity, enabling eCommerce merchants to use this linkage to score the likelihood of fraudulent transactions. For example, If the visitor is coming from a different country than the billing address for the credit card, then this is a possible indication of fraud.

There are many other use cases where IP address API’s can provide useful, actionable, insight for your visitors.

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