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Email Verification Software vs. Web-based Email Validation Services

Posted by Justin Helmig on Tue, Apr 24, 2012

There are a number of email verification software applications for sale that claim to perform email pings to verify your email lists from your PC. These applications are less accurate and scalable than Web-based Email Validation Services

While these email validation applications may sound like a great way to quickly verify your email lists, they can be fraught with issues. Some problems you may encounter include the following:

1)   Desktop software performs email server pings which do not provide accurate results, especially for consumer-oriented domains (e.g. Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.). Before spam became rampant, there was a simple VRFY command that could quickly be used for a mail client to check to see if the recipient’s email was valid. As you can imagine, this was abused by spammers and most email servers (consumer and corporate) have disabled this command.

2)   Desktop software uses your IP address. This is an issue because email servers will flag an IP address for throttling and blacklisting if they see a lot of inbound calls from addresses that normally do not generate high quantities of email. This could affect future emails sent from your IP address and may even raise red flags with your Internet Service Provider.

3)   Desktop software doesn’t scale. Tied closely to #1, you can only verify a certain number of email addresses before your IP addresses will get shut off or throttled.

A better solution is to use an email verification web service API solution, like StrikeIron’s Email Verification, for the following reasons:

1)   Cloud based services support the most up-to-date methods and algorithms to provide the most accurate results. At StrikeIron, we have a team focused on constantly evolving and improving our proprietary email verification technology. Additionally, since the web service API stays the same, customers do not need to install or integrate new software to take advantage of these constant improvements.

2)   Cloud-based solutions do not use your IP addresses. You call the web service via a SOAP or REST call, and we do all the work. Your IP address will never be flagged as a potential spammer.

3)   Cloud-based solutions scale. We handle scalability across all of our customers, so we can handle high volumes of throughput for either real-time or batch processing.

Email verification is a critical part of ensuring your email marketing campaigns are successfully delivered to your customers’ and prospects’ inbox. Cloud-based solutions are a much more accurate, reliable, and scalable way to validate your email lists when compared to desktop email validation software applications.

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