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Surprising Ways SMS is Growing in Popularity Around the World

Nik Williams, Marketing

Beeeeeep. When your phone alarm wakes you up in the morning and you groggily slide out of bed to make your way to start the day, do you ever take a moment to look around at the daily items you take for granted? 

What Your Day Would Be Like Without APIs

Broken Device

Today, I made someone at work cry.

SMS: The Communication Method Used by More People Than Anything Else, Ever, Anywhere.

SMS Mobile Messaging Image

How important was the last text message you sent?

Don’t Make This Common Mistake with Your API Management Solution

Bob Brauer

The most popular approach to API management can also create one of the biggest problems.

Some of the Best Tweets from Bronto Summit 2014, Day 1


Yesterday, StrikeIron announced its Email Verification Plus Hygiene app would be available for Bronto users in the newly-launched Bronto AppCenter. Bronto's marketing platform is used by organizations in the Internet Retailer Top 1000 to drive revenue through email, mobile and social campaigns.

10 Years Later, Email is Still the Life of the Party

Cheyanne Ritz

35,179 emails add up to… a lot of email.

The Wildly Urgent Next Step for the Internet (and Business): APIs

Cheyanne Ritz

My mother was stunned.

Using StrikeIron APIs to Take Control of Your Data Quality

Darlene Nyce

The great thing about APIs is the landscape of options they give you. Our data quality APIs can integrate with your systems, so you can get started faster without having to learn a new technology or platform.

5 Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

Cheyanne Ritz

On the hottest summer days when I was growing up, my brother and I would hear the music coming from the ice cream truck in the middle of the afternoon. Instead of running inside to beg our parents for a few dollars and then chasing after the truck, we would just watch it go by.

The Two API Classes: API Management and Choosing the Right Way to Go

Bob Brauer

With many ways to travel from point A to point B (cars, planes, trains, walking), the nature of the journey, such as distance, dictates the appropriate mode of transportation. You won't fly from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, nor walk from Seattle to Miami. Instead, you choose a method of travel most appropriate for your trip. Costs can be a variable (you might drive 10 hours to save money if you have the time).

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