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At the Corner of Yankie and Texas Street is an Indicator for Your Business

Address quality

Here’s how big changes in downtown Silver City, New Mexico illustrate contact data quality considerations for your organization.

Reasons to Register Now for the Free "Marketers First" Virtual Event from Marketo’s #mktgnation14

Marketo Marketing Nation

I don't want to make any wild promises about the benefits of attending the "Marketers First" virtual event. But it can be a game-changer.

What 14,000 Unhappy Indiana Residents Have to Do with Your Customer Communication

Do Not Call List Verification for Businesses

A recent report found that in 2013 alone, the Indiana attorney general’s office received 14,000 complaints from the state’s residents. They were complaining about getting unwanted calls, even after they had placed their phone numbers on the state’s “Do Not Call” list.

What Does Sender Reputation Mean to Marketers?

Nikolas Williams

As some of us here at StrikeIron got to visit Philadelphia for the eTail East event this week, I was thinking about some of the great places to visit in the city, like the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall.

GameStop and StrikeIron Team Up for eTail East - Follow @eTailNews on Twitter

eTail East

Ecommerce and multichannel retailers will be in the spotlight next week with the kickoff of eTail East 2014 in Philadelphia, PA.

The Rise of SMS (and the Data to Prove it)

Nik Williams

People have been talking a lot about wearable technology lately. With products like Google Glass and iWatches just around the corner, who could blame them? 

Surprising Ways SMS is Growing in Popularity Around the World

Nik Williams, Marketing

Beeeeeep. When your phone alarm wakes you up in the morning and you groggily slide out of bed to make your way to start the day, do you ever take a moment to look around at the daily items you take for granted? 

What Your Day Would Be Like Without APIs

Broken Device

Today, I made someone at work cry.

SMS: The Communication Method Used by More People Than Anything Else, Ever, Anywhere.

SMS Mobile Messaging Image

How important was the last text message you sent?

Don’t Make This Common Mistake with Your API Management Solution

Bob Brauer

The most popular approach to API management can also create one of the biggest problems.

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