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10 Years Later, Email is Still the Life of the Party

Cheyanne Ritz

35,179 emails add up to… a lot of email.

The Wildly Urgent Next Step for the Internet (and Business): APIs

Cheyanne Ritz

My mother was stunned.

Using StrikeIron APIs to Take Control of Your Data Quality

Darlene Nyce

The great thing about APIs is the landscape of options they give you. Our data quality APIs can integrate with your systems, so you can get started faster without having to learn a new technology or platform.

5 Common Misconceptions About SMS Marketing

Cheyanne Ritz

On the hottest summer days when I was growing up, my brother and I would hear the music coming from the ice cream truck in the middle of the afternoon. Instead of running inside to beg our parents for a few dollars and then chasing after the truck, we would just watch it go by.

The Two API Classes: API Management and Choosing the Right Way to Go

Bob Brauer

With many ways to travel from point A to point B (cars, planes, trains, walking), the nature of the journey, such as distance, dictates the appropriate mode of transportation. You won't fly from Washington D.C. to Baltimore, nor walk from Seattle to Miami. Instead, you choose a method of travel most appropriate for your trip. Costs can be a variable (you might drive 10 hours to save money if you have the time).

The Four Things No One Tells You About Email Marketing

Cheyanne Ritz

Email communication is such a basic part of so many business marketing plans, pretty much everyone is using it. Many people are doing the same things in their email campaigns, and it can be easy to get into a ‘blast it out’ pattern.

Email Verification Best Practices: Handling Timeouts

Darlene Nyce

Imagine if you were a waiting on a web form or at a check-out counter -- how long would you be willing to wait? Five seconds? Two minutes?

Show Your Customers You’re So Happy Together this Valentine’s with SMS Marketing


Ah, texting. The language of love. Legend has it that Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, is the most popular day for text messaging in the US. Love poems fly through the air – with short but sweet lines that are perfect for the short format of character-limited SMS.

10 Things About API Management Your CEO Wants to Know

API management - Lois and Superman

Articles are coming out all the time with headlines like "Don’t Miss the API Development Train" and "A Company Without APIs is Like a Computer Without Internet" in major business publications.

Put Your Uncertain 2014 Digital Marketing Budget Under the Microscope

Cheyanne Ritz

During a recent discussion here at StrikeIron, someone asked the question, “What time of year is it?” Almost everyone in the room said at once, “Budgeting season!” Ask anyone in retail, consumer products, healthcare and many other industries and you’ll find the same answer; however, there isn’t much festive cheer about the reason for this season. We find our customers talking to us about how creating their own marketing budgets can be a big challenge. Why is this so tricky?

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